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U.S. Olympian and licensed USA Cycling Coach offering bike fitting and cycling coaching to riders of all levels. Are you currently investigating cycling coaches? David is a bicycle coach with 20 years coaching and bike fit experience... Do you have a mountain bike coach? Elite cycling and mountain bike coaching with U.S. Olympian, USA Cycling Cycling Coach and Mountain Bike Coach Professional bicycle coaching with Olympian, Cycling Coach David Brinton, Los Angeles, California. Do you need a cycling coach? Brinton is a bicycle coach with more than 20 years bicycle coaching experience... Professional mountain bike coaching with Olympian, USA Cycling Mountain Bike Coach David Brinton. Do you have a mtn bike coach? Brinton is a mountain bike coach with over 20 years professional cross country and downhill mtn bike coaching and racing experience. Elite triathlon coaching with Olympian, bicycle specialist, triathlon coach David brinton. Do you have a triathlon coach? David is a triathlete coach / multisport coach with 20 years experience offering multisport coaching... USA Cycling Coach / Olympian David Brinton is a bicycle coach with the diverse experience to bridge the transition from being a successful bicycling coach, to a mountain bike coach, to a triathlon coach.

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Welcome to the website of Cycling Coach David Brinton
Why Choose Cycling Coach David Brinton?

Three reasons why beginning cyclists to elite
racers select David Brinton as their cycling coach...

1) Experience:  David is a former world-class athlete who knows what it takes to succeed and has created a proven, time-tested plan for helping others quickly rise to the top.
2) Dedication:  The dedication he's put into perfecting his coaching programs, philosophies, written documentation, development tools, and drill formulas is unsurpassed.
3) Accessibility:  For a cycling coach with such outstanding credentials and in such demand, David is surprisingly accessible to his riders and takes pride in developing bonding relationships with those he coaches.

Key elements that separate
David Brinton from other
cycling coaches...

Competition Experience:  By age 23, David has competed in the Olympic Games, earned Pan American Gold and Silver Medals, held four national records, won three National Championships, spent six years living at the Olympic Training Center, and competed in stage races throughout Europe. David also had the diverse experience of competing in the World Cycling Championships on the junior road team, elite track team, and as a pro mountain bike racer.

Coached Rider Advantages: As a coach, David is commonly referred to as a master of technical development. His greatest asset as an athlete also provides huge advantages for the riders he coaches. His balanced, technical and tactical driven approach as a cycling coach is setting new standards for accelerated development. It is common for David's riders to improve three to four times faster than those who follow the conventional "prescribed training plan" approach to coaching.

Racing Diversity: David's racing diversity and unusual technical and pedaling skills placed him apart from his competitors. Prior to cycling, he was a successful BMX racer earning over 100 trophies and member of an extreme bicycle stunt team performing shows throughout SoCal. From the age of 18, David has pursued a part-time career as a stuntman. He can be seen jumping cars, crashing and doing other bicycle stunts in over 120 movies, TV shows, and commercials.

Coaching Diversity: His diversity as an athlete has carried over to his diversity as a cycling coach, mountain bike coach and triathlete coach. He has helped two people in their late 40's pedal a bicycle on their own for the first time in their lives, following years of unsuccessful attempts. Contrarily, David was the cyling coach of a 4x World Champion in the MTN Bike Dual Slalom, World Elite Silver Medalists in the road race, and two top pro finishers of the Giro d'Italia. Further examples of his range of expertise, David was the cycling coach of Spinning® creator, Jonny G. during his preparation for the (RAAM) Race Across America. David was also the private bicycle coach of celebrities including Academy Award winner Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, James Cromwell, Peter Vidmar (Gymnastics Gold Medalist).

Coaching Experience: David has more than 20 years of experience as a bicycle coach, mountain bike coach and triathlon coach for riders ranging from recreational and novice riders to internationally ranked Division I professional cyclists. His extreme diversity as a cycling coach is fueled by his own experience competing in the Junior, Elite, and Professional World Championships on the road, velodrome and MTN bike. The combination of his extreme diversity as a cycling coach and hands-on experience as a racer gives his riders an unparalleled competitive advantage.

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Cycling Coach Brinton has been performing bike fitting and cycling coaching for 25+ years

"Coach Dave's knowledge in so many areas has been the ideal coaching resource."                                 
                      — Craig Edwards

Enjoy rapid improvements with Cycling Coach Brinton's training and skill development

"With Cycling Coach Dave's help, I was able to  achieve goals I never dreamed possible."                                    
— Steve Flynn

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"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would achieve so much so quickly."                    
                                — Jason Bold

Road Racing Philosophy

My recipe for achieving measurable long-term improvements is to place a Balanced Emphasis on Fitness, Attitude, Strategy, and Technique.

Riders who apply my BeFAST Philosophy™ commonly experience improvements three to four times the rate of those who follow the typical "prescribed training plan."

Rider Advantages

Producing skilled, dynamic riders is my focus as a cycling coach. My climbers not only find themselves climbing faster, but also out-sprinting other mountain goats.

My criterium specialists commonly
improve their climbing enough to re-group with the climbers before the sprint and beat them to the line.

Related Experience

My riders frequently mention how much they benefit from my racing experience and knowing exactly what they are experiencing.

My personal technical skill level and the knowledge I learned living at the U.S. Olympic Training Center have proven to be valuable assets for accelerated rider development.

MTN Bike Philosophy

My mountain bike coaching philosophy is to teach the training principles of road, combined with the fundamental technical skills
practiced by BMX'ers and DH'ers.

Developing the basic skills of top BMX'ers and DH'ers may seem intimidating, but they are simple to learn and provide huge benefits.

Rider Advantages

Novice mountain bike riders to professional racers who apply my proprietary training principles and technical development formulas find themselves climbing faster and floating down aggressive single-tracks with much greater speed, control, and confidence.

Related Experience

In addition to my road and track experiences, I have competed in pro XC and uphill world championships, raced BMX for 4 years, and toured SoCal on a BMX freestyle team.

My mtn bike skills have been further developed by jumping cars, crashing and doing other stunts in over 120 movies, TV shows and commercials.

Multi-Sport Philosophy

From the first session, I focus on
bike specific elements that produce the most dramatic improvements.

These include; event specialization training, proprietary isolated pedaling drills, training and time trialing techniques top pro cyclists use to maintain higher average speeds and conserve energy.

Athlete Advantages

Almost immediately, the triathletes I coach can expect to break-through their sustained speed plateaus, pass over rolling hills with greater speed and less effort, generate greater power through upper and lower arcs of pedal stroke, and finish the bike leg in less time and with more energy left for the run.

Related Experience

I've been a bike-specific triathlon coach for 20+ years. My experience as a World Championship and Olympic cyclist specializing in time trial events provides me with unique knowledge on mastering long, sustained on-the-bike efforts. Certain principles used in cyling directly relate to dramatic increases in bike performance in triathlons.

Velodrome Philosophy

The aspects of Velodrome (track) development I place most emphasis on is analyzing tactical situations, explosive legspeed, response
skills, and technical pedaling.

Greater track skills and tactical knowledge directly translates into significant advantages during final sprints in road races and criteriums.

Rider Advantages

One of the greatest advantages I give my track riders is being on the track with them while they are practicing racing tactics and skills.

My event specialization formulas incorporate many of the same East European principles responsible for spring boarding the U.S. into an international cycling powerhouse.

Related Experience

In the Junior and Elite Worlds I competed in four of five possible events; Ind. Pursuit (nat'l record), Team Pursuit (nat'l record), 1K
{nat'l record), and Points Race.

My coached riders learn valuable skills, tactics, and training methods
I learned during my six years living at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.

Novice Philosophy

The skills, focus & training principles pros use to beat their competition are the same newer riders can use to accelerate their improvements. The "secret" is to first develop the fund-amental skills and knowledge. The "result" is skyrocketing past those who were too quick to battle with and compare themselves with
the more experienced riders.

Rider Advantages

You can eliminate years of trial and error by leveraging my 20+ years experience as a cycling coach.

I guarantee your riding time will be utilized with the most purpose-filled training possible, and your climbing power, speed, technical pedaling, and control skills will improve at
a much-accelerated rate.

Related Experience

I vividly remember when I was a novice rider on my first group rides, and I feel grateful for the coaches who put me on the right path from the start. I now understand how rewarding it is to transform novice riders into champions. Two-thirds of the 2,000+ riders I have privately coached over the past two decades began as novice riders.

Coaching Philosophy

Working with recreational riders can be the most artistic and challenging side of being a coach. Flexibility is critical. All riders come from different experience levels, have specific days and times available to ride, and have goals ranging from losing a few pounds, completing their first century, finishing the Aids Ride, or hammer their friends on local rides

Rider Advantages

Over the years, I have honed in on a valuable skill that I use to quickly pinpoint a rider's technical skill
level and tolerance to worload.

This experience enables me to prescribe, with accuracy, the ideal training volume and sequence of technical elements to focus on during each coaching cycle.

Related Experience

Over the last 10 years, I have considered myself a recreational rider. Rather than racing, my focus is being most effective cycling coach possible. For over two decades, riders with limited time and energy leverage my experience to improve at their fastest rate possible for the time and energy they have for cycling.

Junior Philosophy

The most successful junior cycling coaches also raced as juniors. The secret to winning as a junior is diversity. My primary emphasis is teaching the fundamental strategies & techniques of pedaling, attacking, TT'ing, reading competitors, exiting corners, climbing, and sprinting. The, explosive, well-rounded, skilled, and knowledgeable racers.

Rider Advantages

Young riders fortunate enough to be invited to the Olympic Training Center and race internationally with the U.S. Team have huge advantages over their competitors.
My juniors receive many of the coaching advantages I received my three years living at the OTC and racing with the U.S. Team.

Related Experience

Many of my national and world championship results listed on my resume are from my junior years.

The training methods, techniques, tactics, and success principles I teach my new juniors are the same
that helped me win the National Championship Road Race and Track Omnium during first year in cycling.