Elite level Triathlete coaching and Mountain bike coaching offered by Olympian / USA Cycling Coach, David Brinton - individualized for novice through professional cyclists, mtn bikers, velodrome racers, and triathletes. Former Olympian, David Brinton has coaching options specifically tailored to riders preparing for the Aids Ride, MS Ride, Century, Velodrome, and Ironman.

Coach Brinton also offers programs for the triathlon coach, mountain bike coach, and triathlon coach. Cyclists coached by Olympian, David Brinton have shown rapid improvements in all aspect of their performance including, pedaling techniques, handling control, time trial speed... Coach Brinton offers performance bike positioning, technical pedaling bike reviews followed by targeted drills that will...

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FAST-Start Package™
RidingToWin / FAST-Start Package

LONG-TERM TRIATHLETE DEVELOPMENT PLAN:  After discussing your goals, available time, and energy you have to devote to mountain bike, we will outline your long-term plan. You will have a clear picture of the weekly commitment needed to accomplish your goals, how each periodized training cycle will be structured, and the process for accelerating the development of your pedaling technique and handling skills. You will learn the "whys" behind every element incorporated into your training program and how each specific element will impact your triathlon performance.

DETAILED TRAINING PROGRAM:  You will receive a personalized four to five-week training program detailing ride durations, heart rate zones, wattage zones (power meter users), cadence ranges, and goals for each workout. To ensure that you have the most purpose-filled training sessions possible, you will also be given numerous proprietary technical and "secret training" elements to incorporate into your rides.

To maximize your week-to-week improvements you will receive written documentation describing the proper execution and examples of how you "should" feel and how your body "should" respond during each workout. If you encounter a day when you feel excessively fatigued or perform differently from expected, I am available via phone or email to pinpoint the cause of your unexpected overload, and adjust your workouts to keep you on track toward maximizing your progress. This process will accelerate your journey toward coaching yourself and learning the fine line between overload and falling short of maximizing your weekly potential.

LACTATE THRESHOLD TEST:  You will learn about a unique, proprietary three-stage formula for determining your lactate threshold (LT). Knowing your LT is a vital ingredient in maximizing the application of power meter training (power meters are recommended, but not mandatory for my program). In addition to pinpointing the exact heart rate of your LT, this formula will develop your ability to pace your effort through a heightened awareness of perceived exertion and the feeling of maintaining intensity levels immediately above versus immediately below your LT. Determining your LT is critical for identifying your training zones and maximizing the benefits for those training with a power meter.

With this feeling method, you are not simply given a number as with most laboratory testing methods. More importantly, you are developing a skill that the world's greatest climbers and time trialists use as their "secret weapon" to winning races and achieving their maximum sustainable wattage/power output. Conditioned cyclists generally maintain a heart rate levels more than 5x longer at 2bpm below their LT than they are capable of maintaining 2bpm above their LT.

HEART RATE AS WORKLOAD BAROMETER:  Most cyclists are unaware that they have the world's greatest coach riding with them on every training ride and in every race. That coach is his or her own heart. Your heart provides recognizable patterns and identifiable signals as to when your weekly workload is too hard or not hard enough. Your heart will tell you exactly when you are overloaded and need an extra day to recover. It will also tell you when it becomes necessary to taper your workload leading into important events so that you can perform your absolute best.

Once you have a clear picture of the signals and feeling you are looking for, you will quickly notice that your LT increases and decreases based on your training workload. For example, if you are too rested going into an event, your workload heart rate will generally run higher than normal at the same speed, perceived effort, and/or wattage output. When you have been overreaching and are in a state of overloaded from too many consecutive days of hard training, your heart rate will likely run lower than normal at the same speed, perceived effort, and/or wattage output.

These and other performance indicators provided by the heart are amazingly accurate, regardless of a rider's age or level of conditioning. Very quickly you will become sensitive to this feeling concept and experience for yourself the developmental, speed and power benefits of pacing your climbing and time trialing efforts. As a bonus, you will learn a "secret weapon" of the world's greatest athletes, "mastering the art of recovery."

PERFORMANCE MOUNTAIN BIKE POSITIONING:  Eliminate the guesswork and maximize your pedaling efficiency and power output, without compromising legspeed or comfort. Your saddle position will be analyzed, and then before any adjustments are made numerous factors will be discussed including aerodynamic concerns, prior/current injuries, and your personal riding style.

You will learn how and why subtle fore-and-aft, saddle height, tilt, and cleat adjustments affect power, leg speed, muscle efficiency, and likelihood of injury. Your handlebar position will be analyzed for optimal, breathing, as well as handling control and power output during out-of-the-saddle climbing, accelerating, and sprinting. You will also learn how to position your own bike in the future and easily transfer your current position onto other bikes.

FORM CRITIQUE / RIDING HABITS:  Practicing good form and riding habits is a quick and easy way to improve your handling control, breathing capacity, climbing efficiency, power output, legspeed, endurance, and safety. Even the best cyclists develop bad habits that can limit their potential. You will gain clarification on what you are doing correctly and what elements can be improved, supported by technical drills to accelerate your triathlon improvements.

PEDAL / MUSCLE ISOLATION TECHNIQUES:  You will learn a series of pedaling, ankling and muscle isolation techniques that will significantly improve your explosiveness, climbing power, time trialing, and group riding efficiency. Once you are able to pinpoint where each muscle begins and ends contraction during the pedal stroke, you will be given drills to selectively isolate each individual muscle. As your muscle isolation skill improves, you will begin practicing and applying three specific ankling techniques to maximize your climbing power, time trialing speed, and standing efficiency and explosive power.

My proprietary pedaling techniques will accelerate the development of your weaker muscles and stimulate a better-rounded and efficient pedaling style. Your pedaling will have a similar effect of putting your car into cruise control to increase gas mileage. Riders who have not yet developed their pedal stroke can be compared to a driver who pulsates the gas pedal while rolling down the highway. As related in my BeFAST Philosophy, my system for developing pedaling technique is similar to learning individual dance steps to ultimately perform a choreographed routine.

STANDING CLIMBING / SPRINTING TECHNIQUES:  Developing explosive, standing power for getting over rollers and standing efficiency for recovering seated muscles during long climbs are two of the most important and commonly neglected elements in competitive mountain biking. Watch to see how frequently Lance Armstrong and the other top climbers rise out of the saddle when accelerating over steep rollers and during long climbs. When Lance sits after standing on a long climb his speed is almost always faster than before he stood. This creates a devastating psychological blow to his competitors.

Depending on your current level of control, you will be given separate out-of-the-saddle handling drills to maximize your control and power delivery while climbing and while sprinting. In addition, you will be given targeted elements to incorporate into your training rides that will accelerate your out-of-the-saddle endurance, explosive power and ability to isolate the hip flexors over the top and hamstrings/calves through the bottom of the pedal stroke. You will soon find yourself riding closer toward the front up steep rollers, bridging gaps to breakaways, unleashing explosive attacks, and sprinting faster.

Only $350
(Value $435)

BECOME A MORE DYNAMIC RIDER Climbers often climb stronger and gain the ability to sprint faster and unleash more aggressive attacks. Non-climbers
find themselves climbing stronger and generating greater speeds on the flats.

ELIMINATE YEARS OF TRIAL & ERROR Increase your performance at a faster
rate than your friends, riding partners,
and competitors. Leverage off David's
20 years professional coaching and
30 years on-the-bike experience.

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The FAST-Start Package is designed to provide new coached riders of all levels with the direction
and tools for immediate triathlete and mountain bike improvements and accelerated, long-term development. This package is
strongly recommended and is a requirement to be invited onto the Private or Team Programs.

This ultimate package includes a 3 1/2 to 4-hour private session, up to 1/2 hour follow-up via telephone, weekly training updates as needed, training dairy, and valuable documents.  E-mail correspondence is also available for clarification on pedaling techniques, handling drills, and "secret-training" elements.

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All riders, ages, & experiences
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Multi-Sport, Novice & Recreational
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