Elite level coaching offered by Olympian / USA Triathlon Coach and Mountain Bike Coach, David Brinton - individualized for novice through professional cyclists, mtn bikers, velodrome racers, and triathletes. Former Olympian, David Brinton has coaching options specifically tailored to riders preparing for the Aids Ride, MS Ride, Century, Velodrome, and Ironman.

Coach Brinton also offers programs for the triathlon coach, mountain bike coach, and triathlon coach. Cyclists coached by Olympian, David Brinton have shown rapid improvements in all aspect of their performance including, pedaling techniques, handling control, time trial speed... Coach Brinton offers performance bike positioning, technical pedaling bike reviews followed by targeted drills that will...

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Individual Sessions
RidingToWin / Individual Sessions

Weekly On-Bike Private Coaching Sessions are an ideal option for those seeking accelerated skill development and rapid performance improvements. Each fun, information packed, technique oriented workout is tailored to your current skill and performance levels. With each ride you can count on a great workout and rapid measurable improvements in the areas of climbing power, flatland speed, pedaling efficiency, control skills, pacing ability, knowledge, confidense, and of course safety. This is an ideal option for newer riders wanting to greatly improve overall performance and gain a serious edge on their friends and riding partners.

Call today to learn more about these fun and inspiring, information packed rides!

"David’s vast racing experience and knowledge in so many areas is an incredible resource."

— Craig Edwards, Master’s 40+
2004, 2003 State Tandem TT Champion

"Dave, you taught me so many bike handling skills that I had never before achieved and helped me become more confident than ever."

— Sue Rinehart (37)
Recreational Rider

"As you know, before I met you I was terrified on the descents, and now I am faster, safer and I am really enjoying them. Thanks again for making me a better rider!"

— Chris Schnieter (51)
Recreational Rider

"I do not know of any other coaches that pay as much attention to the technical details of riding."

— Stephanie Hsieh, Master's 35+
2004 State Track Champion (4 events)

(scheduled as needed)

$100 per hour

(scheduled in advance)

$90 per hour