Olympian / USA Cycling bicycle coach David Brinton's Performance Journal is a valuable development tool for all levels of riders and racers involved in cycing, mtn bike, velodrome, multisport, triathlon, bicycling tours, as well as bicycle coaches, mountain bike coaches, and triathlon coaches.
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Performance Journal
RidingToWin / Performance Journal
Durable and tear resistent heavy weight plastic cover with attractive linen texture.

The Ultimate Record-Keeping System
for Coached & Self-Coached Riders

  1. Establishing your goals and prioritizing your objectives
  2. Establishing and listing your heart rate zones
  3. Outlining your seasonal training and proposed races
  4. Determining your elements of focus for each cycle
  5. Recording all importnat aspects of your daily training
  6. Tracking improvements and/or performance declines
  7. Listing details of performance tests and time trials
  8. Listing details of your races entered and results
  9. Recording each exercise of your weight workouts
Specific Sections for...
Available in three colors!
Black - Maroon - Dark Blue

For single or quantity orders, contact David Brinton