USA Cycling coach / U.S. Olympian, David Brinton's vast experience as an athlete and working in the production and entertainment industry as a Hollywood stuntman is detailed in his racing resume and picture story. Olympian / cycling coach David Brinton has extensive bicycle coaching and racing experience as a junior, senior and professional on the road, time trial, velodrome, and mountain bike cross country and downhill events.

David Brinton is a highly experienced novice through elite level bicycle coach with personal junior, senior and professional world championship experience in road cycling, velodrome, and as a pro mountain bike racer. David Brinton has extensive experience bicycle coaching junior racers, recreational cyclists, professional road racers, velodrome racers, also the cycling coach, mtn bike coach, and triathlon coach...

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Racing Highlights

2002 - Bronze Medal Master's 35+ Nat'l Crit Championships

1988 - U.S. Olympic Team, Individual Pursuit
1988 - 1st U.S. Olympic Trials, Individual Pursuit
1988 - 1st U.S. Olympic Trials, Team Pursuit
1988 - 1st General Classification (G.C.), Tour of Bisbee
1988 - 1st Place in both road races, Tour of Bisbee
1988 - 1st G.C., Cincinnati Cyclebration
1988 - 1st Redlands Bicycle Classic, Criterium
1988 - 3rd General Classification, Redlands Bicycle Classic

1987 - Gold Medal Pan American Games, Team Pursuit
1987 - Silver Medalist Pan American Games, Ind. Pursuit
1987 - 1st World's Trials, Team Pursuit
1987 - 1st American G.C., Giro de Regioni , Italy
1987 - 1st American G.C., Tour of Belgium
1987 - 7th World's, Team Pursuit (National Record)

1986 - 1st Senior World's Trials, Kilometer (1:04.98)
1986 - 3rd Redland's Bicycle Classic, Criterium
1986 - 5th Goodwill Games in Moscow , Kilometer
1986 - 7th Goodwill Games, Team Pursuit (Nat'l Record)
1986 - 11th Senior World's, Kilometer (1:04.69)

1985 - 1st Junior World's Trials, Road Race
1985 - 1st Junior World's Trials, Individual Pursuit
1985 - 1st Junior World's Trials, Kilometer
1985 - 1st Junior World's Trials, Points Race
1985 - 5th Junior World's, Kilo (1:06.81, Nat'l Record 7yrs.)
1985 - 6th Junior World's, Team Time Trial
1985 - 9th Junior World's, Pursuit (3:30.99, Nat'l Record)
1985 - 6th General Classification Stomil-Posnon, Poland

1984 - Bronze Pan Am Championships, Team Pursuit
1984 - 9th Junior World's, Team Pursuit
1984 - 12th Junior World's, Individual Pursuit
1984 - 1st Tour of Summerville

1983 - Gold Medal Junior Olympic Festival, Team Pursuit
1983 - Bronze Medal Junior Olympic Festival, Ind. Pursuit
1983 - 4th Junior World's Trials, Team Pursuit
1983 - Qualified Junior World's (too young to compete)

1982 - Gold Medal Nat'l Road Championships (13-15 yrs)
1982 - Gold Medal Nat'l Track Championships (13-15 yrs)
1982 - 1st Place every race in age category (13-15 yrs)
1982 - 1st Tour of Summerville (13-15 yrs)
1982 - 1st Tour of Worcester (16-18 yrs)
1982 - 5th Overall Superweek (16-18 yrs)

1989-1990 - Pro XC (NORBA Series)
1989-1990 - Pro Downhill (NORBA Series)
1990 - World Championships Pro Cross Country
1990 - World Championships Pro Hill Climb

1978-1981- Winner of 100+ Trophies (Local & National)
1981 - Jag/Sprite BMX Freestyle Team (toured So. Calif.)

Picture Stories

This is where it all started... as a little squirt on the BMX bike.
One of the World's steepest 250m indoor tracks (48-degrees) located in Montreal, Canada. This is the same track that inspired me to become an Olympian back in 1976 as I watched the Olympic Games on television.
One of the stunts performed during the five seasons David worked on the T.V. series, 'Pacific Blue.'
This crash is the final sequence for the bike jump over the car.  On the show, it will look as if the actor jumped the car and then crashed on the landing.
Exchanging gloves with Kevin Bacon in preparation for a bike stunt during filming of the movie, 'Quicksilver.' (1985)
Third place finish behind Harm Jansen and German Champion, Jan Broznowski.
Approaching the finish line at the 1990 Pro NORBA Finals in Mammoth
1988 Olympic Games Individual Pursuit. Picture was used for the cover of the Official U.S. Guide to the 1992 Olympic Games.
In a break with one of my all-time heros, Davis Phinney
On podium for Bronze Medal at 2002 Master's Criterium Championships in Fresno, California. Fifth race entered since retirement in 1991.
My poor mom was constantly worrying about me. At least on this day the water was a  bit more forgiving.
On the start line for the Individual Pursuit at the 1987 World Championships in Vienna, Austria
Warming up on the rollers at the 1983 Pan American Track Championships in Medellin, Columbia. My first trip out of the country.
All that dedication and hard work is starting to pay off.
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Former Teams & Teammates

Thurlow Rogers, Roy Knickman, Ron Scarin, Rick Denman
LEVI'S / RALEIGH - 1983-1986
Andy Hampsten, Thurlow Rogers, Steve Hegg, Connie Carpenter/Phinney, Roy Knickman, Nelson Vails
7-ELEVEN - 1987
(For Redlands Classic only)
Davis Phinney, Dag Otto Lauritzen, Doug Shapiro,
Jonathan Boyer, Jeff Bradley, Ron Kiefel
TEAM CREST - 1988-1989
Alexi Greywal, Scott Moninger,Reshi Greywall,
Craig Schomer, Andy Paulin