Bicycle coaching veteran and Olympian, David Brinton has 20 years coaching experience nearly the same as a (SAG) (Screen Actors Guild) Hollywood stuntman (specializing in bicycle stunts and providing bicycle extra talent). Bicycle coaching veteran and Olympian David Brinton has coached famous Hollywood actors including, Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon, and James Cromwell. In addition, Olympian / Cycling Coach David Brinton has coached many other actors, producers, directors and others behind the camera in the Hollywood Entertainment Industry.

U.S. Olympian, David Brinton has vast experience as a coach, athlete, and Entertainment Industry Hollywood stuntman with a specialty in bicycle stunts (see stunt resume). David Brinton also teaches actors, extras and stuntplayers (stuntmen and stuntwomen) jumping, sliding, crashing and other bicycle stunts for feature films, movies, TV shows, and commercials in production and preproduction on road, mountain bike or velodrome. Unlimited association with...

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Coaching Successes
RidingToWin / Coaching Successes
Road/MTN - Mauro Paciocco (21) moved to the U.S. from Argentina in May 2002. Although he was unable to finish the first three MTN bike races he entered upon arriving in the U.S., he showed potential. He hired me as his coach in July 2002 and within a few months be was finishing at the front of the toughest SoCal group rides. His performance and road skills were developing so quickly that we decided he would skip Cat 5 and enter his first race with the Cat 4’s. Within four weeks he earned points for a Cat 3 upgrade and was immediately earning points toward his Cat 2 upgrade in his first year of racing. Mid-season he returned to Argentina where he placed 9th in the U23 National Championships.
Helping novice riders achieve great personal success is an aspect of coaching I take great pride in. Below is a special group of riders whom I proudly refer to as my “zero to hero” successes.
"Zero To Hero"
Success Stories

Antonio Cruz - U.S. Postal Service (coached as junior)
Miguel Mesa - Giro d'Italia (coached as junior)
Kathy Sessler - 4x World MTN Bike Champion
Laura Charameda - Elite World Silver Medalis, Road
Ernie Lechuga - U.S National Team (coached as junior) Jonny G. - Creator of Spinning®

Kevin Costner - Academy Award Winner
Kevin Bacon - Quicksilver
David Marshall Grant - American Flyers
James Cromwell - Oscar Nominee
Real Andrews - General Hospital
Peter Vidmar - Gymnastics Gold Medalist

MTN Bike - Jon Tanklage (31) is a former water-skier who started riding in 2001. He entered two “Clydesdale” (200+ lbs.) MTB bike races that year. I began coaching Jon October 2001. During his first full year of racing he won every race he entered including the 2002 State Championships in the 30-34 Beginner category. His finish times were also fast enough to win the Sport title. Later that year, he was the strongest rider on the winning 4-man team of the SoCal 24-Hours of Adrenaline. In 2003 he bypassed Sport and went straight to Expert. To everyone's surprise, he destroyed the competition and won the Expert State Title. Jon squeezes his training into a busy schedule raising three kids with his wife and maintaining a full-time executive career.
Road - Mark Gustafson (17) former triathlete unable to finish most junior races. I began coaching Mark May 2002. Within three months he finished second at the CA Climbing Championships. His performance at the Nat'l Development Camp earned him a spot representing the U.S. at the 2002 Tour L’Abitibi in Canada. His last year as a junior (2003) he was regularly seen at the front of Pro 1/2 races. He was the highest placed SoCal rider in the Junior National criterium, road race and TT events. Although most races he entered were either Pro 1/2, national or international events, he still managed to earn seven podium finishes in the fifteen California-based junior races entered. Mark was also the only Western Division automatic qualifier invited to the 2003 Tour L’Abitibi.
Road - Steve Flynn (21) hired me in January 2000. At the time, he barely finished Cat 3 races. Several monthly later he earned a Cat 2 upgrade. Realizing he had potential, I entered him into his first Pro 1,2 stage race, the 2001 Tour de Willamette, to test him against the U23 National Team. Steve finished 14th overall with the 2nd highest U23 placing. Two weeks later he was in Europe with the U23 National Team. Danny Pate praised Steve in USA Cycling (Nov 2001) for keeping the field strung out to prevent an attack that may threaten Danny’s overall victory in Triptyque Ardennais. Danny mentioned that Steve pulled harder and longer in the last 100k than anyone he has ever experienced. In 2002 Steve raced for the Mercury Pro Team.
Recreational - Allen Bencomo (35) completed the 2002 California AIDS Ride with only 2 1/2 months to prepare. He had ridden less than 100 miles over his lifetime, was 25 pounds overweight, and had been relatively sedentary for 10 years. Although I may be able to take the credit for providing him with a scientific, zone specific training program and technical drills to increase his descending and cornering skills, pedaling effectiveness, and out-of-saddle control, he deserves the credit for his relentless dedication and determination to make it happen. Allen gets my all-time “zero to hero” award. He was able to accomplish this goal while working 50 hours per week and spending long hours on the bike in the early morning darkness.
Famous Coached Riders
Coached Celebrities

Current and formerly coached riders who can be seen at local races & group rides.

Recreational, multi-sport, ultra-distance clients not listed.

Ivie Crawford
Joel Bertet
Mike Carlson
JJ Lopez
Jaycee Cary
Will Ostrander
Lea Newton
Nicole Stetson
Ed Kelleher
David Weiner
Harlan Gleeson
Hillary Waddell
Paul Tilden
Marcos Cielak
Lori Nock
Adam Sawelson
John Hoover
Joel Goodman
Stan Moore
Richard Marlis
Roger Crawford
Christine Irelan
Debbie Teixeira
Michael Brooks
Dave Simpson
Steve Moss
Cameron Fox
Benny Volotzky
Erik Volotzky
Matt Skarin
Keith Mefford
Davis Mefford
Charles Harris
Dustin Luton
Dorothy Wong
Bruce Christensen Ryan Leasher
David Park
Antonio Cruz
Jonathan Togo
Rigo Mesa
Miguel Mesa
Dave Alva
Gabe Alva
Nick Brandt
Phil Kopel
Alvin Kopel
Dana Gonzales
Eric Barlevav
Jeanie Conner
Jon Tanklage
Andrew Vontz
Chris Ziegler
Craig Edwards
Steve Flynn
Steve Fitzmoris
Erik Flockoi
Suzie Given
Mark Gustafson
Stephanie Hsieh
Rob Hillseth
Mike Lovegren
Ernie Lechuga
Eddie Monnier
Mike Marchesano
Mark Planellas
Mark Rich
Chase Renick
Emanual Suarez
Chris Stevens
Faris Schlueter
Jeff Sneed
Aaron Tuchfeld
Sue Thompson
Ellen Wight
Jim Brashear

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