Elite level coaching offered by Olympian / USA Cycling Coach, David Brinton - individualized for novice through professional cyclists, mtn bikers, and velodrome racers.

Cyclists coached by Olympian, David Brinton have shown rapid improvements in all aspect of their performance including, pedaling techniques, handling control, time trial speed... Coach Brinton offers performance bike positioning, technical pedaling bike reviews followed by targeted drills that will...

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Team Program
RidingToWin / Team Program

Although this is labeled as a Team Program, all members race on their own clubs and teams. 
The Team aspect of this program is a unique rider-helping-rider community that produces
extraordinary results and designed to greatly accelerate the learning curve of each rider.

This unique, hybrid program provides local riders with many of the advantages experienced
by those who race for top professional teams and attend national team training camps.

In addition to the private, one on one sessions, the Team Program creates a warm and friendly
community atmosphere where all members work together to achieve one common goal —
to be the most knowledgeable and successful individual athletes they can be.

This program exemplifies the acronym of:  T.E.A.M.

Team Program - Options
Team Program - Details

ONE-ON-ONE SESSION - Each month prior cycles are analyzed and discussed. You will receive a new personalized training program program based on your progress, overall plan, upcoming events, and any extenuating circumstances. A portion of the session will be on-the-bike to continue developing your pedaling efficiency, technical riding, and tactical racing skills. You will then be given new drills and "secret-training" elements to implement in your rides.

TECHNICAL SKILLS GROUP SESSION - All Private and Team Program riders are invited to attend one 3-hour technical skills clinic per month. Clinics cover hands-on practice with a variety of skills, including: entering and exiting criterium corners and descending; paceline and echelon formation practice; sprinting and attacking control; bumping and crash avoidance skills; track stands; and time trial techniques; plus much more.

EMAIL & PHONE CONTACT - Depending on the program you choose, riders are entitled to unlimited email contact and up to 1-hour of non-scheduled phone contact between sessions. Training and technical support questions received via email are many times answered by phone when greater clarification is needed and to ensure that you receive the most accurate and comprehensive response.

GROUP RIDES - All Team Program riders are entitled to on-going tactical and technical feedback during the local weekly group rides that I attend. Since I will be in the middle of the action, you will get at the moment critique on your tactical economy and offensive tactical decisions with the help of two-way (5-mile) radios.

WEEKLY CONFERENCE CALLS - Through the experiences of other Team Program riders, you will greatly accelerate your own learning. Calls last approximately 45-60 minutes and topics include: training issues; Nutrition; injuries; tactical experiences from the prior race weekend: tactics to apply in upcoming races; plus other time-sensitive issues.

DISCUSSION FORUM - This inspirational forum also accelerates the learning curve of each rider through the experiences of others. Since we all experience the same training, tactical, and health challenges, riders email their questions and concerns through the group so everyone can benefit from the solutions.

ADDITIONAL COACHING - Upon availability, riders can schedule an additional session or lengthen their one-on-one session at any time. It may be recommended that additional time be scheduled during final event preparation or to accelerate the development of your pedaling techniques and other technical skills. On occasion, additional private sessions are scheduled for exclusive one-on-one coaching during a particular group ride.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS - Monthly coaching fees indicated above reflect a $25 discount for those on monthly auto-debit. There are no long-term commitments and riders can cancel at any time over the phone, via email, or in person provided they do so by the 20th of the calendar month. Auto-debits for each rider will be drawn on the 25th of the month, to cover the following month's coaching fee.

A-PROGRAM ($300 Monthly)
B-PROGRAM ($225 Monthly)
C-PROGRAM ($150 Monthly)
Average coach / rider contact
per month  =
  7 hours
Average coach / rider contact
per month  =
  10 hours
Average coach / rider contact
per month  =
  13 hours

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