Elite bicycle coaching with U.S. Olympian/USA Cycling bicycle coach David Brinton. Bicycle training program, riding skill development, and performance bike positioning. Bicycling coach for novice thru pro bicycle racers and riders, plus triathlete and multi-sport athletes. Also coaching and clinics for cycling coaches, velodrome/track coaches, mountain bike coaches, and triathlon coaches.
Cycling coach, mountain bike coach, triathlon coach David Brinton
bike coach, triathlon coach, mtn bike coach
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1)  To schedule your monthly session, click the "Enter Member Area" link directly above
2)  Once you are on the Calendar Page, click the "Login" link at bottom of Calendar
3)  You will be asked for your "username" and "password." Once you are logged-in, you will have
     access to available times and scheduling options
4)  On the Calendar click the date/time of your choice, then follow the prompts to accept/confirm
     your session. The time-slot you have chosen will appear in "red" for you, but will no longer be
     visible to other members (you may have to refresh your browser to see the change.)
5)  Please schedule your session ASAP (If possible, make your appointment toward the beginning
     of the team scheduling block. This will help prevent overbooking the last few days of the block.
     You may notice your diary is outlined through the first week of the month. This is to avoid having
     to provide each rider with additional training days via phone or email leading up to their session,
     not an indication that you should wait until your training runs-out before we meet.)
6)  If you are viewing the Calendar towards the end of the month, Click the "right arrow button"
     at the upper left of the Calendar to view available sessions into the next month
7)  Do not schedule more than one appointment.  If you need to change your appointment, call
     me directly to re-schedule.
8)  Sessions must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance (scheduling within 24 hours must be
     done over the phone)
9) If you need to come back to these instructions once you are on the Calendar page, click the
     "back button" at the top of your browser.

Instructions for monthly scheduling: