Novice through elite cyclists and bicycle racers providing powerful, heartfelt testimonials of Olympian / bicycle coaching veteran, David Brinton. Cycling Coach Brinton is acknowledged for helping cycling coaches (bicycling coaches) develop more effective racers emphasizing technical and tactical aspects of road race, criterium, time trial, velodrome...

With bicycle coaching veteran, David Brinton, novice through elite racers develop greater tactical knowledge, technical skill and pedaling techniques to be more effective in criteriums, road races, climbing and time trials. Brinton is a former Olympian and bicycle coaching veteran highly recommended for coaching cycling coaches (bicycle coaches)...

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criterium, road race, time trial Dave first began coaching me when I was a frustrated mountain biker. He encouraged me to begin road racing to develop my fitness.  With much work, Dave helped me develop both the technical skills and the tactical skills necessary to win.  In less than two years I had upgraded to a Cat 1 on the road and finished 14th at the prestigious Tour of Willamette.  I was immediately contacted by the US National Team and would soon be racing in Europe against the best professionals in the world. The following season I raced for Mercury, the number one ranked team in America. Dave's talents are two fold.  First, his training programs are excellent.  I personally believe that his approach to weight lifting and his focus on pedaling techniques are the best in the business.  Second, he works with and listens to riders to develop a program custom suited for their individual needs.  With Dave's help, I was able to achieve goals I never dreamed possible.   Through it all, he was a great friend and my biggest fan. 

— Steve Flynn, 22, Pro Cycling, Pro MTN
U23 National Team

pedaling technique, velodrome Although I have been racing successfully for the past couple of years, I was looking for some help to reach the next level.  After just a couple of conversations I realized that David had more knowledge than any cycling coach I had ever met.  He has helped me become more technically efficient and more powerful almost immediately. His understanding of pedaling techniques and how to get the most out of each pedal stroke is phenomenal and has made a huge difference for me.  I look forward to continuing our work together.

— Eric Fraer, Cat 3 Racer
2004 State Criterium Champion

"I entered my first collegiate road race in January 2003 and was inspired to train smarter due to trouble with the climbs. A month later, I started getting coaching from Dave. Each coaching session, I learned new technical sprint and climbing drills, and I continue to go faster and become more confident.  My performance has excelled exponentially. Just 6 months on Dave’s coaching program, I placed 11th in the State Cat 4 Criterium Championships, which was my first USCF criterium.  Dave’s critique on my technical skills and tactical choices on group rides has helped me be a smarter and more assured rider.  Dave has commentary on every aspect of cycling, and is very personable, so learning flourishes."

— Suzie Given (28), Collegiate / Cat 4 Racer

"David's unique approach to competitive training has helped me become a more confident and efficient rider. With David’s help, I was able to significantly improve my power, speed and handling skills. David’s experience and coaching skills helped me bypass years of trial and error and fumbling on my own. I have a better understanding of how to train, how to rest, how to race, and how to feel supremely comfortable on my bike, no matter where I am, who I’m with, or how fast I’m going."

— Aaron Tuchfeld (35), Cat 4 Racer

"It’s amazing how far I’ve come in a short time. Dave has kept me motivated and constantly improving by changing my training program and giving me new techniques each month. I have really noticed how much stronger I’m riding, and other people have commented on it. I not only keep up on group rides, I even get involved in attacks and sprints. I used to be terrified of big groups and now I am finishing the Rose Bowl. I recently got a podium finish in my first Cat 4 crit. People say you can read a book and coach yourself, but that doesn’t compare to having someone tailor a program to you, and hold you accountable. I’ve also looked at on-line coaching, but those don’t compare either. With other programs, you could pay twice as much and never have contact with an actual person! With Dave, you don’t just get a workout schedule, you get someone riding with you, pointing out your mistakes, and teaching you how to ride safer and more efficiently. Thanks to Dave, I’m expending less energy and riding faster, smoother, and safer. I couldn’t imagine coaching at a greater value per dollar."

— Ellen Wight (28), Collegiate / Cat 4 Racer

"My newly learned standing technique is giving me strength like I’ve never experienced. Your sprint and pedaling techniques give me more power than I ever thought possible. Several people commened on how well I’m riding. My team-mates are talking like I’m one of the guys they are working for all of a sudden. And I thought I was just good domestique material! Thank you once again! Having your advice is the best thing I’ve ever done for my cycling!!!"

— Erik Flockoi, Masters 40+ Racer

"I've known David for nearly 20 years as a friend and coach.  Since my time is very limited, I came to Dave for advice.  He taught me climbing techniques, pedaling techniques, form, standing positioning, and proper breathing that helped me accomplish my best season ever.  I can honestly say that I owe my 2002 success to David Brinton!!!"

— Mark Rich, Master's 40+ Racer/Coach

"We just couldn't be more happy and thrilled that you are Brian's cycling coach.  You have already brought him so far, and he is pumped. You have no idea how much you are appreciated!  He has total faith and trust in you, and enjoys the time he spends with you.  He said you are just "AWESOME"!  I agree.  You are truly worth your weight in gold! You alone took him from believing that he was never going to amount to anything, as a road/mountain bike racer, to a highly motivated teen who KNOWS where he is going and that he WILL succeed. I simply can't thank you enough.  I'm so grateful for having found you for Brian."

  — Dianna (Brian Duncan's mom) Junior 17 Racer

"Hey Dave, remember me? Well, it looks like this will be the last year I compete on the road. I've learned so much from your formulas and still use them. It's weird, when I'm working out I can still hear your voice in my head saying "push through", "you're late" all those pedaling techniques you showed me. One of the guys on my team is an x pro mtn biker from the Midwest . The first time we trained I dropped him every hill.

— Larry Salzman, Cat 4 Racer


"It's hard to describe David's way of coaching, other than it gets results! All cyclists are different, and everyone responds differently to training and coaching, but Dave is such a master of developing riders I have not heard of any rider being an obstacle for him. I can account that his pedaling techniques, heart rate training and many other techniques work, and I always use them during road races, criteriums, time trials and training. As a junior rider, Dave really pointed me in the right direction with his knowledge and experience as a world-class cyclist. When we started together, the season was coming to an end, and I had to wait to put my newly learned techniques and strategies to the test. The following season I went on to win many races including the 2003 State Criterium and Time Trial Championships. I started off bad as a cyclist with a goal to become a pro. The goal is already closely becoming realty."

— Emmanuel Suarez (18), Cat 2 Junior
2003 State Time Trial & Criterium Champion

Thanks Dave! Because of your knowledge and experience on the velodrome, I have been able to take what I have learned from you on the road and translate that into success on the track as well. I do not know of any other coaches that pay as much attention to the technical details of riding. Not only do you pass on such great detailed technical skills and tactical knowledge, but also you have done it in a way to make it easy for me to apply and transfer into other areas of cycling, like the velodrome. Over the years you've been my cycling coach, your comments and comparisons between road racing, criterium racing and track racing to illustrate points must have sunk in!

—Stephanie Hsieh, Cat 3 Racer
2004 Master's State Track Champion (4 events)

"I was just telling my wife how this was my most productive sprint workout ever.  Someone with your personal experience and eye for analyzing technique was exactly what I needed.  Your emphasis on the most fundamental aspects of sprint mechanics and valuable insight in diagnosing technical weaknesses has given me greater understanding and confidence in my sprint.  The way you sprinted with us, giving us immediate feedback and continuing with deeper pedaling and technical analysis between each sprint really helped me put into perspective exactly what I need to work on.  Through you I have learned that technique and effective power delivery are the secrets to sprinting faster.  Over the three weeks I have been working with you, I can honestly say that I have never been more excited about the progress I’ve been making as a cyclist."

— Faris Schlueter, (31), Cat 2 Racer

Coach David Brinton has helped me begin down the path of cycling with as much of a head start as is possible. After 10 years of competitive swimming and competition in triathlons as a junior my brain was hardwired into a pattern of overtraining. One of the most important things David has taught me is how to go easy. This was one of the hardest things to learn, but the benefits have been great. The other thing that David and I talk about is tactics in road races and criteriums. Being new to cycling, I found I was using my power up to early with needless hard efforts and attacks. David and I have spent many hours talking about how to make my efforts count, when to go hard, and when to use other people's efforts to my benefit. Thanks to David's knowledge and wisdom, I am on-track to earning my Cat 2 upgrade in my first season of racing.

— Cameron Fox (23), Cat 3 Racer

"When I first met David, I beat him up a hill climb on Chevy Chase, and he said to me, "hey this is my attack hill, nobody ever beats me there."  On the descent he kicked my butt, and I realized I had a lot to learn about descending.  He said he could teach me, so I listened and within a month of his training program I was climbing faster, pedaling and cornering better, and becoming more fluid as a whole.  I realized that with the proper technique and training smart, I could conserve my energy and ride so much better." 

— Colin Higgins, Cat 4

"Dave has really taken my cycling to a higher level. His vast racing experience and knowledge in so many areas is an incredible resource. He has an exceptional ability to understand people including myself. David’s understanding of the affects of heart rate has been very helpful in accessing recovery and better understanding when you are over-training and need to back off. Dave’s periodization training program is the best I have tried. It's tough, but duable. It builds on the previous creating a progression of development that works. In preparing for the tandem time trial, Dave was spot on with the training and race prep advice. I knew exactly what to expect in terms of heart rate, power output and perceived exertion at the time trial. With Dave’s guidance, I had my best performance ever to win the State Tandem Time Trial Championships two years running. Dave has always been accessible when I have questions and has always been there when I’ve needed him."

— Craig Edwards, Masters 40+ Racer
2003, 2004 State Tandem Time Trial Champion

After coaching myself for fifteen years, I decided it was time to give a real pro a chance and see if it would make a difference in my riding. I chose Dave based on the comprehensiveness of the program, his technical acumen, and the fact that his one-on-one coaching seemed infinitely more valuable than a plug-and-chug written program. During the course of a few months Dave has taught me how to pedal, sprint, and climb faster and more efficiently and has given me the keys to unleashing my potential, staying motivated, riding smart, and recovering properly. The weekly team conference calls have been an invaluable source of training and racing advice and an instrumental tool for staying motivated and surmounting the physiological, mental, and technical obstacles that every racer faces. I'm riding smarter and faster than I have in my entire riding life. Dave isn't just the bomb-he 's the fuse, the flint, the fire, and the passion that will make you be fast.

— Andrew Vontz (29), Cat 4 Racer

"I really believe that by breaking down the pedal stroke the way that David has for me, I am finally on the right path to developing the kind of efficient pedaling technique that will be capable of tapping into all the power I have available.  I'm going into my fourth season as a Category two racer and while I've done countless pedaling drills, I've never had this kind of analysis.  He's shown me that my pedal technique stroke is completely backwards of what it should be."

Kevin Schlueter, Cat 2 Racer