Mountain bike mountain bike coaching testimonials of David Brinton, U.S. Olympian / Pro MTN Bike Coach. Mountain bike coach and former U.S. Olympian, David Brinton has become known for helping novice through professional mountain bike(mtn bike) riders and racers become faster, more skilled and confident. Cross-country (XC) mtn racers develop technical skills of top downhill (DH) mountain racers to increase single-track speed and control.

Whether you are racing NORBA Series, Big Bear, Southridge, or are a weekend mtn bike rider, mountain bike MTN bike coaching veteran, David Brinton can help you develop greater technical skill and pedaling technique. You will receive a personalized mountain bike training program to develop your mtn bike performance. Brinton is a former Olympian and highly recommended for novice mtn bike riders thru professional mountain bike racers. Brinton also coaches mountain bike coaches.

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mtn bike racing: Adam Pantastico - fastest improvements: pedaling technique, single track, climbing - mountain bike coach: David Brinton - NORBA, big bear"I started coaching with David about four years ago and continued for the next two years. At the beginning I was an expert mountain bike racer and a Cat 3 roadie. Shortly after, I advanced to Semi Pro Mtn and Cat 1 on the road. The victories list is too long to list but I’ll say this, you don’t upgrade without results! Thanks to David, my dreams are becoming reality. His knowledge and attention to technical detail was exactly what I needed to move to the next level. Even today, I continue to benefit from David’s pedaling technique and still use his winter training program. I can’t even explain how strong it makes me feel and winning the 2003 New Jersey State Road Championship confirmed once again that he put me on the right track."

— Adam Pantastico (27), Semi Pro MTN / Cat 1
2003 State Champion 25+

mountain bike racing: Chris Ziegler - fastest improvements: handling skills, riding technique, single track - mtn bike coach: David Brinton - south ridgeJust Added - After racing mountain bikes for several years with disappointing results, I sought the bicycle coach of David Brinton. Our first session was at a racecourse that presented me my greatest struggles. Within a couple of hours of riding with David on the single-track, watching his riding techniques and listening to his feedback, my technical skills, pedaling technique, and racing efficiency increased substantially. The results speak for themselves; I won every race in the Sport category from that point on and promptly moved up to Expert and even then, finished in the top five. Furthermore, David's knowledge of physiology, nutrition, sports medicine, and racing tactics have increased my enthusiasm and enjoyment of the sport, as well as, taking my fitness to the next level while simultaneously reducing the negative aspects of competition such as, crash and repetitive stress injuries. Lastly and most important, is the fact that David's demeanor makes me feel as though I have a good friend in addition to having an impeccable coach - there is no substitute for the power of having sincere support on your side.

— Chris Ziegler, Expert MTN 40+

mtn bike racing: Eric Barlevav - fastest improvements: pedaling technique, technical skill, single-track, downhill - mountain bike coach: David Brinton - southridge, big bear"In the one year that Eric has trained with Dave, his technical and tactical ability improved tremendously.  He has utilized Dave’s pedaling technique during races, which has significantly improved his speed and put him out in front of his competitors.  Dave is committed and dedicated to helping Eric reach his full potential, which is evident by the remarkable progress Eric has made.  Dave’s expert training and guidance has been invaluable and Eric continues to benefit from his superb coaching and encouragement."

— Mother of Eric Barlevev, (17), Junior/Expert MTN

mountain bike racing: Mauro Paciocco - fastest improvements: cross country, pedaling technique, single track, riding technique - mountain bike coach: David Brinton - south-ridge, big bear"Your pedaling technique has really helped me survive climbs. In one year I went from not being able to get up certain climbs to flying up them with Division II & III Pros. I found your PELT Method® HR concept so important to understanding and identify when I am about to overtrain. You taught me many things, but I believe your winter training philosophy had the biggest impact, teaching me about power and how to monitor overload. It gave me a really a big advantage to have so much power. You are not only a great mtn bike coach, but you are a great person and friend. You were always there for me. Thanks Dave!!"

— Mauro Paciocco (21), Expert MTN / Cat 3


mtn bike racing: Jon Tanklage - fastest improvements: pedaling technique, descending, single track, xc, climbing, technical skill - mountain bike coach: David Brinton - NORBA, big bear

"I am basically a first year rider who had incredible success on Dave's program last winter.  Not knowing how much I would improve, I set the goal to win the State Championship Mountain Bike Series as a Beginner.  I have swept every race, most recently yesterday at Big Bear.  During this time I have beat the times of the winning Sport riders at nearly every race.  In my mind I can say that I have won the Sport championship this year and I will be satisfied in jumping straight to Expert next year.  This will be tough and will require an awesome off-season."

— Jon Tanklage (31), Beginner MTN / Cat 4
2002 State Champion 30+

mtn bike racing: Janice Bora - fastest improvements: bike handling, pedaling technique, single track, climbing - mountain bike coach: David Brinton - big bear, southridge"Before being coached by David, I rode four times a week as hard as I could. I was killing myself. Sure, I used a heart rate monitor, but didn't imagine my HR could provide me such valuable information in monitoring overload. David taught me how to plan a training program and use time more efficiently towards my goal. David wanted me to buy a road bike to improve my mountain bike single track and technical skill. I resisted and resisted. I finally bought one, joined a club, and absolutely love it. He has since helped me with planning training for extremely hilly centuries, also. David has endless knowledge about all aspects of riding, whether it be road or mountain bike. He planned my race-day warm up and my pre-race ride. He has helped me with pedal technique, single track, sprints, cadence, weights, interval training, etc., etc. I could go on and on."

Janice Bora, Sport MTN 50+

mtn bike racing: Jason Bold - fastest improvements: pedaling technique, single track, climbing - mountain bike coach: David Brinton - big bear, southridge "When I hired David as a coach, I was strictly a recreational rider, but I wanted to work on my technical skills and increase my confidence. When I called to get started on his coaching program, he asked me if I considered racing. After a slight hesitation, the enthusiasm of David's voice and the competitive nature inside me compelled me to say "yes". I hung up the phone wondering what I had gotten myself into. How was an out of shape, retired smoker and completely novice rider going to be competitive on a bike? Within months, I was learning advanced cycling skills and getting top placings in the beginner category. At the end of my first season, I got 3rd place in the Finals at Snow Summit. The next season, just over a year after meeting David, I won 1st place at the NORBA Nationals in Big Bear. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be able to achieve so much in so little time. With David's training program, I was able to concentrate years of riding experience into a few short months. David was always encouraging, supportive and engaging during our sessions. He motivated me to be someone far beyond anything I could ever have achieved on my own and for that, I am grateful. Thanks David.

Jason Bold (29), Beginner MTN