Multi-sport Triathlon coaching and triathlon coaching testimonials of David Brinton, U.S. Olympian, triathlete/cycling coach. Multisport coaching veteran and former Olympian, David Brinton has become known for helping novice through professional multi-sport athletes greatly improve their bike leg time trial speed. Whether you are racing the Ironman, xterra, local triathlons, multisport/ triathlon coaching veteran, David Brinton will help you improve your multi-sport finishing times.

In addition, Olympian / Bicycle Coaching Veteran, David Brinton offers personalized multisport specific training programs to keep focused on developing your bike skills for triathlon, Ironman, and xterra. Coach Brinton is a former Olympian who is a highly recommended triathlon coach for novice triathletes thru professional Ironman athletes. Bicycle coaching veteran, David Brinton also coaches and conducts clinics for triathlon coaching (multisport coaching).

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(Construction note: Additional testimonials and pictures of each rider will be posted soon.)

For a doddering old goat my improvements and performance have been excellent. In 2002, I completed 3 doubles and 4 centuries between April and June 30th. All 3 doubles were consecutive personal records, with a best century of 4 hrs 50 min. In 2003, the technical improvements from your coaching were all in place. All I had to do was crank out your weight training program and get in the miles, and with all the refinements to my riding form and pedaling technique, I was ready to race in no time. Recently, I got back into doing triathlons and earned two 2nd place finishes in my age group, with my bike section dominating other competitors. I have had two really great years now and wish I had got to know you earlier. Any rate, this old goat is having fun and making life difficult for some of the young puppies out there.
--- George Carter (42), Triathlete

Dave, thanks for your help!  The foot float pedaling technique is paying off.  My pedal stroke is smoother and I have certainly become more efficient. I'm running faster off the bike as a result.
- Jeff Sneed, Nat'l Team, Pro Triathlete


Additional testimonials and pictures added.over the next couple weeks.